CrossFit x Ari Weiss


Video of my brother Ari, for his 27th birthday on his achievements of the pervious year. His post can be seen here.

shot by me / edited by him / music: $ayonara


this is america

Filmed on 9/11/2018 in Brooklyn.

I wanted this video to say something about how our social media norms are strangely uninterrupted while we remember tragedies.. And how there’s something weird about taking photos of a memorial for likes online. But I also think this piece speaks to our resilience as Americans. Maybe it’s because we live in a first world country and it can be easy to forget how dark the world can be here. I donno, lmk what you think.

music: aries

Nishika N8000 / test


The Nishika N8000 is a film camera that was made in the late 80's. It has 4 lenses that shoot all at once to create the 3D effect. This was my first time using the camera- more to come ✌🏻

music: aries
model: Sharena Chindavong